The Festival List 2020

We are happy to present our Festival List 2020 that we hope will liven up this unusual and extraordinary time and give children something new to read and enjoy.

Kicking off the list is an exciting new series for children from Ravi Subramanian, the master storyteller and writer of bestselling and award-winning thrillers! The Mystery of the School on Fire is the first book in a new set of detective stories for children, the SMS Detective Agency series.

Releasing October 7, 2020

Set in the charming hill town of Solan, the book introduces three young children—the Super Mystery Solvers—who together solve the mysteries that baffle the police and the authorities. In the first mystery, the SMS gang solves the perplexing case of how and why their school catches fire, not once but twice.

And adding to the mystery are the brilliant illustrations by the illustrator duo of Studio 211, Ayeshe and Ishaan, who have created just the right atmosphere for the story. This is Ravi’s debut in the children’s fiction genre and he couldn’t have chosen a better way to do it … a detective series for children! The books in the series will delight Ravi’s fans as he brings to young readers an amazing new range of stories. 

Since building immunity and staying healthy and safe are the top concerns for parents, here is a book that is extremely relevant in this time of the pandemic and will give parents the superpowers to get their kids to eat smart!

Releasing September 30, 2020

Superfoods for Superheroes, includes immunity boosting superfoods that are the need of the hour. It introduces ten nutrient rich superfoods such as nuts, spinach, ginger, turmeric, raw honey, sweet potato and others through stories that children will love. Each story is woven around the superfood and highlights how it will make children stronger and healthier and perhaps even live longer like the Okinawans—the secret to whose long life seems to be the sweet potato! Brilliantly illustrated, each story is followed by fun facts about the superfood and a kid-friendly recipe which will help parents and children explore healthier food choices and understand the power of kid-friendly superfoods.

Ranging from the immunity boosting Orange Pow Pops to the protection providing Red Planet Pomegranate Dip, these super-scrumptious recipes will fire up the superpowers of children and adults and ensure that eating right might help win the fight!

For all those who have a secret ambition to write, or be published and want to know how to go about it, we bring you expert advice from one of India’s most well-known writers, Ruskin Bond.

Releasing September 30, 2020

How to Be a Writer is peppered with nuggets of practical advice such as the importance of observation, of originality, of a writing routine, of a notebook and a lot more all told in Ruskin Bond’s characteristic understated, tongue-in-cheek, humorous style.

This book offers a unique insight into the writing process of one of India’s most beloved authors who has had an incredibly successful writing career spanning over 70 years.

Learned Men and Women of Ancient India is for all those who ever wondered whether airplanes flew in ancient India or how the concept of ‘zero’ was invented.

Releasing September 30, 2020

The book explores the contributions of great minds from India’s past such as Vyasa, Sushruta, Surya Savitri, Chanakya and others and how they laid the foundation for the scientists, doctors, philosophers and inventors of today. From pioneering surgical techniques to solving mathematical puzzles and even attempting to turn metal into gold, this book gives you a glimpse into the remarkable lives of the learned men and women from Indian history and their quest to unearth and reveal the mysteries and truth about mankind and the universe. These truly extraordinary men and women could control their minds to achieve anything they desired even if it were to move mountains or meditate for years through hail and snow!

For sports enthusiasts and record buffs comes a unique sports book, Goal! Shot! Run!

Featuring national and international sports personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Dipa Karmakar, Leander Paes, Lionel Messi, Mary Kom, P.V. Sindhu and over a hundred other prominent sports superstars, this quick and easy-to-read fan guide in the popular short biography format, contains snippets of information from birthdate, to the country of residence, awards and medals won, records broken, first game and much else. The book covers the goals, shots and runs across a range of disciplines – cricket, hockey, tennis, football, among many others, including the Olympics. Each short biography includes interesting trivia and a full-page portrait by illustrator Mistunee Chowdhury, whose versatility can be seen in the variety of styles she has used for the portraits to make for a more varied visual experience. This is a book that will help you learn more about your favourite sports superstars and maybe even discover some new ones!

Fitting into the popular graphic novel genre is Vibha Batra’s The Secret Life of Debbie G. Brilliantly illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Kalyani Ganapathy, this is the story of a girl called Debbie who goes from being a not-so-popular sixteen-year-old to becoming an online sensation overnight. Set in contemporary times, where the number of likes, shares, DMs and followers determine a teenager’s sense of self-worth, the story takes a close look at how social media influences the lives of teenagers. Equal parts poignant and fun, this is a bittersweet coming-of-age story. Kalyani has transformed this poignant story into a brilliant graphic novel, with every panel and every page speaking evocatively to the reader.

Releasing September 30, 2020

Rounding up the list is Bena’s Summer, a young adult book by debut author, Shibal Bhartiya. Written in a strong, distinctive voice, this is the compelling story of one summer in the life of eight-year-old girl Benazir, Bena to friends and family. Bena is perhaps the happiest child you know, fond of jalebis, limericks and raw mangoes. She is surrounded by friends and family, and her life is everything an idyllic childhood should be: protected, loved and edged with rainbow-gold. One summer that bubble bursts when Bena is witness to riots, death, destruction and abuse, in a setting that explains little, and expects children to forget it all. But Bena, defined by her grit and audacity, is different. It’s a book about an eight-year-old but is not for young readers. The social issues that are woven into the book make it relevant for young adults and adults both. And as Mark Tully put it, this is “an enthralling sage of modern family life set against the turbulent background of North India.”

We wish you a great season ahead, filled with good health and festive cheer.

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